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DigiBooster Professional 3 status report 05/2009

album_picphpSome of you (few :P) may remember my post about this new up and coming tracker for the Amiga back in January. If not, check it out.

After being rejected for a beta tester position (damned jerks!), I rely on public announcements to keep you updated, so I’m sorry if you have read this somewhere already. To be honest, the company developing it, APC&TCP, have proved to be major asshats to the Amiga community throughout these years so I wouldn’t be surprised they do something not nice with this software. It’ll be my utmost pleasaure to pirate them :P

Anyway, I am also NOT fond of the generic Intuition/OS3 look of the software, something which was a pet peeve of mine in MusicLine, but that aside, the tracker seems to be packed with features as I mentioned in my previous article.

Clicking on ‘More’ you will find the full report…

“First of all we have to say that the program is being rewritten from scratch opening new opportunities which haven’t been possible with the old sources of Version 2.xx or at least without an unacceptable amount of work. The program structure can be enhanced now and designed with more efficiency in mind.

playback routine

The implementation of the playback routine on the basis of Digibooster Professional version 2.xx in the new version 3 is nearly finished. Smaller effect commands like Sxx (Pitch up/down) or Lxx (setting of envelope position) and the DSP echo effects parameters (Vxx, Wxx, Xxx, Yxx, Zxx) must be implemented yet. Once we have done that the new playback routine will equal to 100% the one of version 2.xx on the new basis.
Moreover the new playback routine will be very portable having a positive effect on the portability to non AmigaOS compatible platforms.
Furthermore the new playback routine will be 100% independent of AHI.

Digibooster Professional 3 GUI

The basic GUI functions like
* trackerraster
* instrument list
* edit options (new, delete, change, …)
are already implemented.

In addition the programm will run with several tasks (tracker, player, …).
Visual customization using different skins will be possible too.


This external program will enable you to render music files to complete AIFF or WAV files. It will be made available to the community for open testing shortly. Please note that this isn’t the final version.

At this point we would like to advise you of the support forum of Digibooster Professional. Everyone interested in the development and integration of new ideas is welcome to take part at the discussions.


10 comments to DigiBooster Professional 3 status report 05/2009

  • 1. Your private attitude towards ACP&TCP and revealing it here is just disgusting. Please stop it, or bring up some evidence. Using expressions like “major asshats to the Amiga community” in a news item is just unprofessional.

    2. DigiBooster 3 uses MUI + some parts of GUI are fully skinable. It means you can configure the look as you want. The fact, that published screenshots have been made with basic MUI settings does not mean it can’t look much more fancy. You can find some examples on There is also a movie for DigiBooster 3 presentation available (as a torrent) here:

    With regards

    Grzegorz Kraszewski, DigiBooster 3 programmer

    • Good thing I don’t pay Akira, then .. :)

      The reason we have comments is to get all sides of the issues, but I don’t ask my writers to stifle their opinions.

  • Hello, whoever is behind the keyboard who typed the above comment.

    This is a BLOG, and my opinion is mine and I am free to reveal it, that’s why I am here for. I am not a journalist and I have no interest in journalistic neutrality. Also, I will not provide any “evidence”, this place is NOT to be polluted with garbage coming from APC&TCP, like all the witch hunt they have done on Amiga websites enforcing pretty questionable “copyrights”. Being a part of the Amiga scene since 1992 and being porked in the butt repeatedly by a whackload of companies taking advantage of Amiga users, Amiga inc. included, I certainly have grown to despise the sort of actions APC&TCP take with real Amiga computer supporters.

    Second, if you are *really* the programmer, which I doubt, I do not understand why you are defending APC&TCP, which are the people I aimed my comment at. It sounds like someone at APC&TCP just wrote in place of the software programmer. What’s next? Rooting for Amiga Inc. instead of Hyperion?

    Your point about the sofware was very valid though. I would have known if I was not refused a tester position by APC&TCP… Look now they got some negative feedback! They should have thought better, since it seems my coverage of the software is going out there ;)

  • By the way, no matter if it uses MUI and is skinnable, it STILL looks like common Intuition windows, which is certainly not very appealing to me. Sorry, again, personal opinion. I rather have a tracker on its own screen, like in the good old days.

  • Your doubts about me pretending to be someone else, are just amusing. I have nothing to hide, thus use my real name instead of some nick. But well, it doesn’t matter to me that much. I want to note that DigiBooster 3 can run on its own screen perfectly. To say more it may be configured to look very similar to DigiBooster 2.x.

  • The internet is not a very “identifiable” place is it? I could be Margaret Thatcher for all it’s worth. I am not hiding by the way, everybody knows who i am, where i live and how to contact me. Feel free to do so if you need to.

    I saw the screenshots you showed me and I didn’t see anything that I did not mention already: OS windows and screens, skinned or not, is all I see. But why do you care so much about my opinion after all? I can’t know anything after 15 years of tracking ;)

  • I do care about everyone’s opinion. And of course DigiBooster 3 uses system screens and windows, exactly the same as DigiBooster 2.x did. Using OS interface does not influence the process of music composition I guess.

  • I seem you don’t understand the process of “freedom of thought and opinion”.
    This is my opinion, feel free to ignore it, and stop beating dead horses.
    Nowhere I said it got in the way of music composition (even though I could).

    This also could all be dealt in a beta-tester way you know, if only I had been signed up as one ;)


  • from what I read, it looks like shit, but is packed with features. Thou protest to much Mr. Kraszewski. . .