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Exotica update!


My favourite and one of the most complete archives of Amiga music, Exotica, has had a pretty significant update. According to my old friend BuZz:


There have been major changes to the various music collection interfaces. The biggest feature addition is that for most of the tunes you can now Ogg Vorbis encoded audio recordings directly from the search interface.

These are created on the fly in real-time, and as such are provided for convenience rather than accuracy, however you may well be surprised at how good they sound. To access the Ogg downloads browse or search for a tune, and a button will be displayed above the results that allows you to show the Ogg download links.

Read more about the new Ogg download feature.

Exotica is not just a file repository, most every file is coupled with a load of other data and also mirrors many collections of other platforms like the HVSC, converting it into an ambitioous database of old computer music.

You can access the different sections of this huge collection clicking here.


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