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Mario Paint Composer DS released

mpckeyboardHey people, long time no see!
I been pretty busy with work and stuff, but then again, since South America is not even considered part of the global chipmusic movement, who gives two shits? No need for me to post much here :P

Anyway, I recently acquired an Acekard 2 for my DS, and have been slowly trying to catch up with the homebrew movement (and Phoenix Wright games :P) and I stumbled upon this little fella here: a port of the Mario Paint music composer. Not a big fan of this little gimmick, but I presume some of you people will enjoy its cheesiness.

Official blurb:

“Mario Paint Composer DS is an indirect remake of the music composer tool found in the Super Nintendo game “Mario Paint” with a few new adaptations which I added in from the PC version created by unFun Games ( Please note, I am not responsible for the pc version, these two programs merely share the same name and that is all. This is not a direct port of any version, it is completely coded by myself.”

Paratrooopa has added a bunch of interesting new features and improvements and you can download the results clicking here.

ED: I ripped these samples a while back, grab them here lgptmariotaint

4 comments to Mario Paint Composer DS released

  • c’mon, Akira, stfu and let’s make South America part of it. Also, this is cool. I’m planning to buy a ds and an acekard thism month. This will go in it.

  • the openBack

    What is this “South America”? I’d try this right now if minusbaby didn’t abscond with my DS to Europe! I loved Mario Paint and used it like a maniac! The composer was retarded and awesome simultaneously.

  • Ive added the ripped samples if anyone wants them!

  • Awol

    Wait… there’s a SOUTH America too?!?!!!!!!!111