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OPM Patches out of Most (?) Genesis Games

Dr. Washington wrote:

I just converted pretty much every Sega Genesis (Mega Drive for those of you across the pond from me) game ever into .opm files which can be loaded with “Sam’s” fantastic VOPM freeware FM synth. I basically d/l’d all the files from and ran Shiru’s vgm2opm tool on an entire huge folder of all the games. Only a few didn’t make it, but for the most part, they’re intact. There are literally thousands of useful FM sounds here from the glory days of 16-bit gaming.


2612org OPMs

via KVR: For all you FM lovers out there….

Thx Aaron

2 comments to OPM Patches out of Most (?) Genesis Games

  • mrkenallen

    As a Mac user, I struggled with this collection all weekend until I discovered that these are Windows text files (lines end with a line feed and a carriage return) and the Mac version only seems to understand the Unix text file format (lines end with just a line feed).
    There are a few ways to convert these to be Mac friendly, but with 9000 files in this collection, it will be a long haul.

  • mrkenallen

    Correction: 2600 files.