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little-scale’s GenMDM Sega Genesis/Megadrive MIDI interface available for pre-order


Now you can use your 16-bit Sega’s FM (and PSG) sounds in your modern audio rig!
For 85 AUD (~ 87 USD/67 EUR) you can get this interface/cartridge combination that will let you control your Sega through MIDI from the MIDI sequencer of your choice.

First units are scheduled to be shipped “on or before Thursday, 17th May, 2012”.

Head over to little-scale’s website to pre-order one of these fantastic devices!

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DefleMask 3.9 Released!


01: Added DAC Control (Samples) to the YM2612.
02: Support for both 1.50 and the NEW 1.60 VGM FORMAT (The unique software so far supporting this new version of VGM, you will need the lastest in_vgm to play the tunes).
03: Removed Microsoft Redistributable C++ dependency.
04: Added a second Tick Time selector to obtain more specific tempo values.
05: NTSC/PAL value now is saved to the DMF files.
06: Now samples are selecteable on instrument list (only will play on the PCM Channel of the system however).
07: Due to a timing error, the YMU759 files size was huge. Now it is corrected, so the size of the MMFs is a lot smaller.
08: To make more clear the YMU759 Behavior, the unique ins that you can change is the very first one.
09: More optimization and some bugs corrected.
10: Resampling of imported wav files.
11: VGM writing optimization.

> DefleMask 3.9 Released!.