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Falling For A Square / Shhh, Architecture.


1.Together Again 03:24
2.The Commuter 03:09
3.Informal Component 03:33
4.Busy Buildings 03:42
5.Progress 02:18
6.Carousel 03:24

“Shhh, Architecture” by Falling For A Square.

All of the songs were written using Nanoloop 2.01 on a gameboy micro, an electric guitar, Glocken Jr,Moogie, and a little Casio SK-1.

It’s very soft, comfy, and quietly under-produced.

When I first started composing songs for the record I knew right away what I wanted to album to be called. The instrument editor and multichannel view of nanoloop 2.01 is so minimal and endearing, it felt like my compositions were like tiny musical constructions, and each song held something or someone different.

Thus, “Shhh, Architecture” was born. It was written mainly on commutes to city and quiet nights at home.

More information on Falling For A Square can be found here:

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