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DefleMask Public Beta 1 appeared

My friend Delek, who’s a very busy bee, has a fascination for FM synthesis, and he has created a tracker  for a rather obscure chip from Yamaha, the SMAF YMU759.

I been testing this for a while and the latest versions have improved a lot, and for those who love FM, this is an interesting chip to develop, specially since it can be found inside a bunch of cheap ass cellphones from yesterday and you can easily play back the tunes on real hardware.

At last some serious activity in argentine chipmusic! Please check out Delek’s Youtube Channel for some of his tunes, mostly for the NES’s 2A03.

1 comment to DefleMask Public Beta 1 appeared

  • Theta_Frost

    Wow! That’s a pretty slick looking tracker. Props to Delek. I’d love to hear some audio demo’s!