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PDF’s Chiptune Castle world 1 – 1

8bc correspondent Slorrin has psoted a massively technical dissertation on the arduinoboy and mGB by trash80. No Taco.

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Arduinoboy and mGb Updated

From 8BC. TRASH80 sends an update on his midi hardware for gameboys:

GB (Midi for gameboy) has a interface now, with some neat live mode features such as multi-selection editing & user definable presets (each synth has 16 save slots)

In the reflection: Bigfoot.

In the reflection: Bigfoot.

It also has some help at the bottom of the screen which displays what the parameter on the cursor position and gives the corresponding MIDI CC value for your sequencer.

Arduinoboy was updated with some neato led fx when syncing or in mGB mode. (lights strobe to sync, different blinks to midi message on mGB)

I’m planning to add custom wave shaps in mGB as well as MIDI sync’d tables. But that might be added either tomorrow or next year depending on motivation

Grab it here

This is quickly becoming the best over all solution to sync your lsdj/nanoloops/papus to your modern midi workstation.