Week In Review

8BC’s Weekly Hot Tracks

Well, this hasn’t been so weekly recently (I was on vacation). Back home now, so here’s ten more songs for you to enjoy:

Beware – Save Time
Oven Rake – Introua
DalekSam – Blizzard Buffalo
Lamb – Setting Sun
Ultrasyd – I Don’t Wish You Happy New Year
J Arthur Keenes – Ocean Stage
TmEE – Winning Races Doesn’t Matter
Joshua Morse – Funk Bump
Blitz Lunar – Happy Mushroom Convention
Albino Ghost Monkey – AGMJ3J

This post was submitted by Michael Bartlett.


MilkyTracker 0.90.85 released

MilkyTracker 0.90.85 has recently been released.

Notable new features from the changelong include gzip, LHA and LHZ archive support, ability to change the screen magnification factor, and four new fonts. Nothing to convert non-users, maybe, but worthwhile improvements nonetheless.

Can be downloaded now from http://milkytracker.org/?download.

This post was submitted by Michael Bartlett.